Hugo Kohl

Hugo Kohl

An upbringing in an artistic family lit the creative fuse within Hugo Kohl at an early age. Hugo began formally apprenticing under a master goldsmith in 1987, and developed a deep interest in Industrial Age Jewelry after becoming exposed to its historical legacy in Providence, RI. His signature expertise was spawned shortly thereafter when he salvaged hand-engraved carvings of jewelry in tool steel from a junkyard in Providence. Each Hugo Kohl design is expertly crafted and designed by hand in their Harrisonburg, Virginia workshop that they refurbished from its original usage as a turn of the century ice factory. The goal of every piece is to create insurmountable beauty to be worn for a lifetime. This tireless quest for creating beautiful pieces is what makes the Hugo Kohl team thrive. It is within this challenge that a true artisan finds their greatest achievements.

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