The Junghans brand has been a pioneer in watch and clockmaking for more than 150 years. Value, quality, discipline, creative nuance and passion are some of the marks of this "made in Germany" brand. From what began in 1861 in the Black Forest of Schramberg, Junghans continues to create meticulous, modern, genuine products marked by skilled craftsmanship to this day.

In 1961, wristwatches designed by Bauhaus scholar Max Bill are launched, which are still around today in the max bill editions. In 1972, Junghans was the official timekeeper at the Olympic Games in Munich. And in 2018, the original building built for the workers by architect Philipp Jakob Manz, has been dedicated as a museum to the history of the company, musical clocks, watchmaking and more! If you are ever in the Black Forest valley in Germany, be sure to visit!

There are a range of attitudes surrounding their collections- from the beautiful and harmonious max bill Kleine, a distinct feeling of aviation with the Meister Pilot, or a blend of elegance & simplicity with the Meister Chronoscope. 

There is sure to be a timepiece to capture your heart and wrist with Junghans!

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