Lord Jewelry

Lord Jewelry

Sinork Agdere was artistically inclined from a young age, showing keen interest in sculpting and painting early on. At 14, he became an apprentice to a renowned artisan and goldsmith in Istanbul. After a period of solely observing the craft, lovely instantly formed as soon as the tools of the trade entered his hands. It did not take long for him to find a niche- the study of jewelry and history led him to fall for the romance and timeless beauty of antique pieces, achieved through the versatile methodology of color creation that lie in jewelry enameling. Lord Jewelry burst onto the Los Angeles streets not long after. 

In 2015, Agdere's daughter joined him at the LA atelier to direct marketing and customer relations. Her background in environmental biology and marketing gives her a unique perspective from her father, bringing a sense of harmony to Lord Jewelry.

Recognition came swiftly, with an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Summer AGTA Spectrum Awards and placing second in the 2018 Saul Bell Design Awards in the enamel category.

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