Parade Time

Parade Time

Expertly handcrafted by a two-person team consisting of a goldsmith and a designer/engineer in Durham, North Carolina, Parade Time watches are the pinnacle of luxury timepieces. Each one-of-a-kind watch is created using pure bronze, .925 sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, meteorite, and recycled ivory and a wide variety of hand tools, machinery, and fashioning methods. Each material selected tells a story. The recycled ivory watch dials are made from pre-ban elephant ivory poker chips from the 1800’s, while the meteorite dials are cut straight from a slab of prehistoric raw iron/nickel Gibeon meteorite ore. These details are matched only by the precision of the Ronda, Swiss Made, 5-jewel quartz movements accented with gold plates and the supple, full-stitch handcrafted leather that make Parade Time’s designs truly stand out in the sea of everyday watches.

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