Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is the October birthstone and the gemstone celebrating the 8th wedding anniversary. A crystalline boron silicate mineral compound, pink tourmaline is one of the most radiant gems in the world. Due to its dichroic properties, tourmaline can appear to change color when viewed from different angles and in different light. The name tourmaline comes from Sinhalese (a Language of Sri Lanka) word Toramalli which means "stone of mixed colors". This remarkable gemstone has been a valuable part of alternative medicine for centuries and has been used in the Far East to treat a variety of illnesses. Egyptians believed pink tourmaline could cure issues with the nervous system, blood diseases, and lymph glands. Even in today's society, the pink gem is recognized by modern alternative medicine for having powerful metaphysical properties. Known for its ability to cleanse the emotional body of destructive feelings and old wounds accumulated over time, pink tourmaline is thought to release guilt, depression, worry, and anxieties, while guiding those emotions into self-love. It is also used to promote artistic and creative expression. Found around the world, today's supply comes from Africa and particularly Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. However, the United States became famous in the early 1900's because of the brilliant reddish pink specimens that were found in California and the rich pink hues found in Maine. Both states still have active mines and have in recent years given collectors some of history's most prized specimens. Pink tourmaline is a striking feminine accent or center stone for rings and pendants. 

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