Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham

Distinctly different and elegant, Sarah Graham's pieces are instantly recognizable for their impressive range of organic shapes.  Encompassing everything from microscopic organisms to rotting tree wood, these pieces contrast their natural origins with the stark modernity of oxidized cobalt chrome and 18K gold.  Each piece is the end result of a journey that has taken Sarah Graham years to complete.  Sarah was immersed in art from the beginning, with a multi-talented artist mother who's emphasis on craft can
still be seen in Sarah Graham's designs.  Despite her artistic yearnings, Sarah obtained a degree in international business, but soon realized it was not her true calling.  She spent the next years of her life pursuing the knowledge to craft her own designs, working and apprenticing with a master goldsmith for two years to help realize her dreams.  Sarah traveled the world, seeking inspiration, and settled in San Francisco to set up her own studio and produce her award-winning designs.

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