Serafino Consoli Collection

Serafino Consoli expandable rings.

Serafino Consoli is an Italian jewelry house that was started in the town of Bergamo, Italy in 1959. Elegance and innovation have been hallmarks of the brand's work since the very beginning. 

The name of their latest collection, "Brevetto," says it it is Italian for "patent." After 10 years of trial and error, Serafino Consoli was awarded multiple international patents for their Brevetto collection. The intelligent technology used to create pieces of 18K gold, diamonds, and gemstones that are simultaneously simple to use but complex to make, requires up to 42,000 solder points and 988 components per finished piece. 

 From rings that expand up to ten sizes, to rings that can be worn as bracelets, the Brevetto designs shine with harmony and uniqueness. Serafino has mastered the art of making jewelry that anyone can wear: it's perfect for those who have fluctuating fingers, to someone who wants a ring they can wear on different fingers, to those with large knuckles who struggle to find a fitting ring, and to gift-givers who want to give a luxurious surprise, but don't know finger size. 

 In so many ways, Serafino Consoli's Brevetto collection is the solution to a multitude of jewelry quandaries!

13 products

13 products