Suzy Landa

Suzy Landa

Suzy Landa started her design career a little earlier than most, crafting elaborate designs for friends and family out of telephone wire and pipe cleaners as a child. Life carried her away from her initial jewelry
inclinations and to a successful career in the film industry, but she never forgot her passion for creating jewelry.  Years later, as a film industry refugee, Suzy decided to take her artistic ambitions and learn Metalsmithing in New York.  Her designs still contain the bubbly, joyful swirls of those childhood pieces, often fusing the beauty of 18K gold with the brightest of gemstones to create pieces that are both playful and elegant.  Equally at home on the red carpet, during a night out, or just against a plain t-shirt, Suzy Landa's jewelry truly expresses the individuality of the wearer.  Her pieces are for the self-assured woman who believes that fine jewelry should also be fun jewelry, that luxury can be part of the everyday, that glamour is not limited to celebrities and film.

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