William Henry

William Henry

 William Henry knives and luxury money clips are award-winning collectible works of functional art. Hand-forged, each William Henry piece displays an unmatched ruggedness and a timeless elegance. These exquisite American-made high-performance pocket knives have been meticulously handcrafted with honor and integrity by artisans in the William Henry workshop for over 20 years. Exhibiting timeless class, style and exacting quality standards, William Henry pocket knives are the ultimate gentleman's tool. Function elevated to art, each William Henry piece incorporates state of the art alloys, exotic materials (walrus ivory, fossil coral, snakewood, woolly mammoth tooth), and intricately inlaid precious metals and gemstones. William Henry artisan knives are hand-forged exclusively in limited, often unique editions. A living legacy, they are distinctive wonders of knife making with an attention to detail that can only truly be appreciated when witnessed first-hand.

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