Gold Vermeil and Blue Topaz Drop Earrings - "Gold Ringed Sky"
Stephen Estelle

Gold Vermeil and Blue Topaz Drop Earrings - "Gold Ringed Sky"


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Bezels of gold surround two sparkling, checkerboard-cut blue topaz like the sun rimming a shard of clear sky.  These lovely drop earrings are modest enough for everyday wear, but rich enough in color and glint to be worn to formal events.  Feel beautiful in these beautiful earrings! 

Designer Stephen Estelle has worked many years with a goldsmithing guild whose ancestors made jewelry for the Nepalese royal family. Through their partnership, Stephen Estelle has created jewelry that honors the traditions of the royal goldsmiths, while offering interpretations that are fresh and vibrant for the modern world. What a legend to ponder while wearing this hand-fabricated masterpiece!

Cold Hard Facts:

  • metal: silver with gold vermeil
  • gems: blue topaz
  • drop: 1 1/8"
  • earring type: french hook