Yosh White Flowers Eau Fraiche Parfum

Yosh White Flowers Eau Fraiche Parfum


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White Flowers eau fraiche parfum for body and soul is the essence of passion captured in a bed of wild blossoms. Sprinkled with narcotic petals, this fragrance lingers in dreamy memories.

This fragrance is is a full bodied floral, with all the intoxicating blooms. Ozonic, fresh floral-like overgrown trees and bushes with blossoms everywhere.

It was created for the modern woman who also loves classical flourishes. The vibe is emboldened and carefree.

This vibrational perfume resonates with the 4th chakra. Self-love, open heart and generous spirit. 

  • Nose notes: violet leaves, raspberry, orange, acacia, cassie, jasmine, palmarosa, cherry blossom, rose, water flowers, musk
  • 50 ml