Best Valentine Gifts – 3 Easy Rules to Pick Perfect Jewelry

Among the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, jewelry reigns supreme because of its enduring nature. Flowers and chocolates are beautiful and sweet in the moment…but at the end of the day, jewelry neither fades nor puts weight on the hips.
Of course a jewelry purchase requires a little more consideration, which is where Alara Jewelry comes in! So, here are the top three ways to select your gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or National Love Yourself Day:
#1: Symbols Speak Volumes When Choosing Valentine’s Jewelry
Do they love bees? Biking? Dinosaurs? Nature? Alara is proud to carry the Alex Monroe jewelry line, which is rife with sweet and petite three-dimensional designs to suit many different tastes and budgets. 
Alex Monroe is the designer line Alara has to constantly re-order, because no matter what the new design themes are, they consistently tug at the heartstrings. There are affordable Alex Monroe pieces in sterling silver and vermeil, as well as finer designs in solid 18K gold.
Montana and Yogo Sapphires for Valentine’s are Great Symbols of the Place you Call Home or Love to Visit
Whether you are a long-time resident, new to the area, or a past visitor, a gift of Montana sapphire jewelry or Yogo sapphire jewelry are symbols that will be beloved for years to come. Our selection is broad and deep and for a variety of budgets.
Birthstones aren’t Just for Birthdays!
Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give a gift of birthstone jewelry. What many people don’t realize is that in addition to the traditional birthstones, there are alternatives, including zodiac stones
Is the idea of giving flowers still on your mind? How about combining flowers and birthstones? Chi Galatea has a line of beautiful carved pearl pendants, each set in his patented method with a birthstone. 
Flowers have long been inspirational for jewelry designers, so there are certainly more floral-inspired designs that would make a lovely Valentine’s gift.
Love Them to the Moon and Back?
For Valentine’s, tell them they’re your sun, your moon, and your stars. Celestial symbols have been treasured for millennia, so of course they make perfect symbolic Valentine’s gifts. And when crafted in fine jewelry, they last and last. 
And let’s not forget materials that are literally from out of this world for Valentine’s. From handcrafted watch faces to luxurious knives, meteorite is a material that is compelling due to its celestial origins. And on the more sparkly side, know that moissanite is a lab-created gem of great brilliance that is based on mineral discoveries made while examining meteorites–and they are an excellent option for the eco-conscious.
#2: Go Sentimental when Selecting Valentine’s Jewelry
You know that piece of jewelry–whether it be a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings– they always wear because it’s near and dear to their heart? Yeah, you could probably describe it in your sleep (or you have plenty of opportunity to take a real good look at it on any given day!). Nothing tugs at the heartstrings more than acknowledging you’ve noticed a small detail about your sweetie. 
How do you turn their love for that favorite piece into a Valentine’s Jewelry sentimental slam dunk? By gifting a different piece that coordinates or blends nicely with that special piece. So, you aren’t looking for an exact match
For Valentine’s Day, a Piece that Coordinates with Their Favorite is A Slam Dunk
If you can provide a photo (or even a sketch), a good concierge-service jeweler can readily assist you in your Valentine’s jewelry endeavor. (At Alara, we can boast an outrageously low percentage of our assisted selections that get exchanged.)
If the piece–let’s say a necklace–contains a pearl in yellow metal, for instance–consider a pair of either yellow metal or bicolor metal pearl earrings. As they open their lovely Valentine’s surprise, mention the pearl necklace they always wear. [Insert the sound of a heart melting.]
In addition to finding a piece of Valentine’s jewelry that coordinates through a gemstone, there are other ways, as well. You can select a piece that has a gem in the same color family as the beloved favorite. 
Is the favorite piece a symbol of some sort? Choose something with a different rendition of that same symbol. Is there a texture they love? Find something, even in a different metal color, that has that same texture. 
Do they wish they had a piece of jewelry that ties together their wedding ring and their favorite piece, even though they are different metal colors? Look out for something that is made in two different metal colors. 
Elevate a Piece They Already Love for a Sentimental Valentine’s Gift 
But, there’s even more sentimental ways to choose a piece of Valentine’s jewelry so it pairs with a beloved piece. You know that pendant they love, but they wear it on a chain that’s nothing special, or perhaps not as secure as such an important piece deserves? That’s right–get them a new, nicer chain for it–perhaps upgrade the metal from silver to white gold or from gold-fill to karat gold.
Lockets—the Perennial Sentimental Favorite of Valentine’s Jewelry
Finally, one of the most sentimental gifts you can give is a locket containing a photo of a dear loved one, whether that’s you or someone else. Lockets are quite commonly passed down, so they truly are a Valentine’s home run.
You Know Their Favorite Color, Right? 
With Valentine’s jewelry, there are many options for celebrating a specific beloved color for your sweetie. One of Alara’s favorites that allows a big pop of color without a big price tag to match is the fashionable and fun jewelry designed by Hila Rawet Karni. Combining colored cotton cording with anodized stainless steel springs produces interesting colorplay with bold shapes. 
A big customer favorite for a “pop of color” jewelry gift is the Stephen Estelle line, which features gemstones in a wide array of colors. Set in sterling silver or vermeil, this is a very affordable way to give the gift of eternal color.
#3: Gifts of Valentine's Jewelry that are Long on Sentiment but Short on Time
Some of the most sentimental Valentine’s gifts don’t exactly “arrive in time,” but will totally delight because of the thoughtfulness they embody. Here are some truly sentimental Valentine’s jewelry gifts that can be presented as a gift card combined with a beautiful photo.
Completing a Long-Delayed Jewelry Repair Shows you Notice and Care
For example, consider that ring that broke a while back, and their heart broke with it. Give a gift certificate that explicitly says its for “fixing that ring you love so much.” 
Even enlisting one of our trusty team members to disentangle that fine little chain that’s been just a huge knot for a long time can be a real heartstring-tugger for Valentine’s.
For Valentine’s, Honor a Sentimental Found Object or Gemstone
Remember that Montana sapphire that y’all found together and had cut, but never got around to setting it into a piece of jewelry? If there’s time and you have the confidence, feel free to have that sapphire set, so they can actually wear it on Valentine’s Day and beyond! Otherwise, nothing says “I love you” for Valentine’s like an Alara gift certificate that allows them to have it set in the piece they always wanted.
And you’re not limited to fine gemstones or diamonds! The Alara design team has made many fine and compelling pieces of jewelry using very humble materials that carry a lot of sentimental value for the folks who found them. Think: pebbles, bones, uncut crystals, antlers, elk ivories, sea glass…all can be incorporated into a spectacular Valentine’s jewelry gift.
The Upgrade They Always Wanted as a Great Valentine’s Surprise
Maybe you were being financially prudent earlier in your relationship, and y’all settled for a center stone on the engagement ring that was modest…perhaps even with a promise of upgrading it later? Yep–a gift certificate to do just that would be a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day.  You can purchase gift cards, or contact us to purchase one in a different denomination than we offer online.
Better yet–select a loose diamond or gem for them to unwrap on February 14, and set an appointment to come in together for the magic of custom jewelry!

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