Montana Sapphire Jewelry

Montana Sapphire Jewelry

Discover stylish and timeless Montana sapphire jewelry that will transform your relationship with precious gems.

In ancient cultures, sapphires were believed to protect from evil and sickness. They are considered the stone of wisdom and thought to bring serenity, peace of mind and concentration.

For sapphires, Montana sapphires are among the best.

Montana sapphires are found mostly in the Western part of the Big Sky State, and are the official gemstone of the state of Montana. Once thrown away by gold miners in the gold rush days, Montana sapphires are now America's most valuable gemstone.

These precious stones are made of the mineral corundum. They are a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. This makes Montana sapphires extremely durable and long-lasting, when compared with other precious gems.


88 products

88 products

Montana Sapphires were first discovered by miners in the 1860s. But the colorful pebbles were largely ignored until the 1890s when London gem merchants took an interest in them. Truly, their beautiful coloring and lustrous appearance were too difficult to ignore or resist. Montana sapphires are highly regarded as ethically sourced gems with an easily traceable supply chain, making them automatically fair trade and conflict-free.

Sapphire jewelry is exceptionally versatile and wearable with a multitude of styles. And you may be surprised to learn that jewelry in sapphire is not always blue. Montana sapphires can, in fact, be found in countless shades. Montana sapphire colors commonly include:

  • Green sapphire,
  • Blue sapphire,
  • Lavender sapphire,
  • Purple sapphire,
  • Yellow sapphire,
  • And pink sapphire.

Our sapphire collection features real sapphire jewelry. Each piece has been delicately crafted to ensure both the setting and the metals are as fine as the sapphires that adorn them. If you are searching for jewelry with sapphire settings, our collection is sure to delight you.

Discover a versatile centerpiece gemstone in engagement rings, earrings, and pendants. We also feature casual rings, necklaces, and more. Browse our full collection of sapphire jewelry to find styles and colors that speak to you.

As a socially conscious American-made gem, Montana sapphires are increasingly becoming the go-to gemstone choice. Our fair-trade gemstones and jewelry upholds that tradition, with ethical sourcing and humane labor practices. For savvy millennials seeking to buy local with an earth-friendly footprint and a low human toll, there is no better choice. Consider Montana sapphire jewelry as your next ethical and eco-conscious accessory.

Our natural sapphire gem gallery is here to delight you. We are not a low-quality, high-volume reseller. Instead, we are a team founded by a master jeweler and a graduate gemologist.

When you browse our collection, you are looking at stones that are among the best of the best. Our real sapphire jewelry has been approved by some of the most discerning eyes in the business.

Discover jewelry in sapphire tones the likes of which you’ve never seen. Shop our Montana sapphires today!