Todd Reed

Todd Reed

Todd Reed is, to be cliché, a 21st century Renaissance man.  Todd's quest to study all things aesthetic began with his childhood, with his mother, a renowned commercial illustrator.  Under her instruction, Todd experimented as a painter and illustrator.  When he was 10 he watched as a metalsmith turned raw materials into wearable art, and a passion was born.  Ever the aesthete, Todd designed jewelry as well as furniture, clothing, leather goods, and graduated with top honors from culinary school.  When a diamond-collector friend exposed him to the amazing natural qualities of diamonds, Todd knew he'd found his niche.  He set up shop in Boulder, Colorado in 1996, and began to craft the jewelry for which he would become world famous. Todd Reed's pieces are powerful and organic, humble and divine.  In using non-traditional raw stones and combining them with the luxury of 18K gold, platinum, palladium, and silver, Todd Reed has shown himself a true innovator.

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